Sunday, February 2, 2014

Playing Catch up

I've added three posts tonight, one of which is current, two of which are not.  I've gotten out of the blogging habit and it's hard to jump back on the bandwagon now that our life on wheels is in a golf cart instead of a RV.  But jump back to December 6 and see a couple of our day trips.

As for our regular life here in TV, we're still a work in progress.  Denny is trying out for one of the 200 softball teams here, I'm taking yoga instruction and participate in two different watercolor painting clubs and we're still playing a little golf.  I'm still adding some furnishings to the house by way of estate sales, garage sales and private sales by Villagers.  It's a good way to learn my way around the various Villages here.

Now I have some Superbowl commercials to watch.  I'll fast forward through the actual game and watch the commercials only.  Football--pfftt.

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